Jazz Crawl Productions is a Digital media and live event company

We’re a community-minded organization with a focus on collaborative and educational productions that showcase and support local and indigenous arts and culture.

Inspired by the artistic culture of New Orleans and the community-bonding tradition of the Second Line parade, our live productions range from pop-up parades to stage shows and festivals, Mardi Gras balls to museum exhibits.

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Parade & Festival Tours

Digital Media

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Exhibitions & Programs

Shining a light on All Those that support and inspire Jazz Crawl Missions and Projects
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Collaboration & Community Participation Leads Our way

We are building bridges and creating opportunities for artistic communities and cultures to come together in joyous celebration of shared human roots.

The Jazz Crawl

Cultural Exchange Festival Tour

The Mardi Gras Run

Second Line Parade Tour

The New Orleans second line parade is a Community Fueled celebration of life

Its origins trace back to the preservation of African traditions at Congo Square in New Orleans and the evolution of brass bands and jazz funerals.

A public spectacle with an exciting sound and vibrant energy that contagiously invites anyone and everyone in earshot to join in the artistic, spiritual, joyous celebration of life and community.

Jazz Crawl Productions is Fueled by community participation

Like a second line grows from block to block, we want to grow city by city. There are plenty of ways to get involved in our programs and support JCP artists and events.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Help Pave the Way!

It takes more than a grand marshal and a brass band to present the authentic energy of a Second Line parade. We are seeking support to pave the way for groups of New Orleans artists to lead the way for Jazz Crawl parades and tour programming.

Tour Sponsors

Travel and lodging for artist groups.

Program Sponsors

Parades, events, exhibits, and more.

Media Sponsors

Influencers and press outlets.

Create or join a parade krewe!

Parading as a group is a fun and unique bonding experiences.


Our Storytelling and Creative Design Amplifies narratives of the past and present to Bond artistic Communities Worldwide.

Digital Journal

Compelling narratives thru photography, videography, and creative design.

Documentary Film

Featuring student directors, soundtracks, visual artists, and narrators.

Promotional Media

Creative marketing and branding assets for sponsors, collaborators, and artists.


Much of our work focuses on cultural exchange and personal growth shared through the lens of Experiential education.

Crawlers Academy

Digital media and arts administration internships and apprenticeships.

Brass Crawlers

Curriculum intended to develop youth brass bands in New Orleans and abroad.

Tap Dat Brass

Dance class introducing the rhythm and steps of second line stepping, “Footwork”.

JCP Reflections

Interactive and narrative exhibits, demonstrations, screenings, and panels.

Help Us Grow!