By sponsoring our festival tours and documentary media you are providing opportunities, experiences and content which directly support artists and communities of your choosing.

Be part of the parade. Be part of the story.

Artist Sponsors

Support the participation of performing artists of your choosing.

Tour Sponsors

Help us provide travel and hospitality for touring artists and schools.

Documentary Sponsors

Aid our efforts to expand and improve media and storytelling.

Custom Branded Artwork and Strategically Targeted Advertising.

Promotional Artwork

Custom videos and artwork inspired by your brand and shared through events, digital media, and paid advertising.

Sponsor Profile

Custom landing page with brand info, cross-promotions, and a gallery of all the productions and artists sponsored.

Exclusive Rights

Title rights for productions, group invitations and VIP treatment for your company, and opportunities to promote and speak at events.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Impact the Community

Play a pivotal role in the development of production work that compensates cultural groups and their members.

Uplift Your Brand

Align your brand with an organization dedicated to the preservation, celebration and promotion of local arts and culture.

Invest in Morale

Make your employees and loyal customers proud that your brand is invested in cultural preservation.

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Together with our Footwork and Feathers Fund, Jazz Crawl’s digital productions provide direct and tangible support to the communities whose stories we share with our audience.