Crawlers Academy

Crawlers Academy offers remote learning in creative media and arts administration. Join us to gain real-world experience in cultural arts and media projects.





Digital Design

Harness user-friendly tools and efficient workflows to bring powerful stories to life.

Video Editing

Craftfootage into stories that resonate worldwide.

Photo Editing

Enhance stories through vivid photo editing tools.

Graphic Design

Visual storytelling made easy with curated design templates.

Web Design

Simplify web creation for impactful storytelling.

Arts Administration

Explore the core of managing artists, tours, festivals, and securing grants in the creative sector.

Artist Management

Expert guidance for artists’ careers and project development.

Tour Management

Strategically planning and executing tours for global audiences.

Festival Production

Designing and managing festivals that captivate and celebrate.

Grant Writing

Crafting compelling proposals to win arts and culture funding.


Utilize our custom tools and processes to intimately engage with global audiences.

Public Relations

Maximize impact with strategic campaigns and global outreach.

Social Media

Engage audiences, enhance reach with targeted strategies.

Research Journalism

Illuminate cultural narratives with insightful storytelling.

Flexibility – Growth – Accomplishment

Your Ambition, Your Path, Your Success

Empower your journey with self-paced mastery learning. Dive into your interests, excel through commitment, and unlock mentorship and opportunities for if you’re among the performers and producers.

  • Tailored learning to match your pace and interests.

  • Mastery learning: Unlock skills at your own pace.

  • Self-driven progress opens the door to opportunities.

Quick – Easy – Seamless

Start Your Journey: Simple Joining Process

Joining Crawlers Academy is quick and tailored to your creative ambitions. Start today!

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Complete our quick Google Forms questionnaire to highlight your interests and skills.

Receive Invitation

Check your email for an invitation with next steps to officially join our team.

Begin Onboarding

Enter Slack for team communication and start tutorial modules via Google Drive.