Fostering future generations of philanthropic creatives

Fostering future generations of philanthropic creatives

Join a rapidly growing team of media professionals and students from around the world.

A Unique & Rewarding Experience

You’ll learn an abundance of creative production skills and get to see your work come to life in an extraordinary way.

Extreme Sports Jet Skiing
Extreme Sports Jet Skiing
Valuable tools and systems

Quickly learn new programs and efficient workflows through our ever-evolving lesson plans and team communications systems.



Video Editing

Adobe Premiere to edit reels and documentary shorts. Adobe After Effects to crop frame and edit motion graphics promotions. Custom Google Drive & Google App systems to tie it all together.

Digital Design

Adobe Lightroom Classic to curate and edit photos. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to edit graphics for Avada web design and promotional assets. Custom Google Drive & Google App systems to tie it all together.

Public Relations

Slack for internal team communications and customized Google Sheets database systems for prospecting audiences and strategizing for email campaigns and social media posts scheduled with Later App.

“This has been one of the most fulfilling opportunities I have ever experienced.”

“This Has Been One Of The Most Fulfilling Opportunities I Have Ever Experienced.”

In two short years, Crawlers Academy has forged paths for new careers and changed lives through experiential learning, perspective, and personal growth.

Arts Administration & Promotion.

Artist Manager

Profiling and booking artists for shows, tours, and exhibits.

Public Relations

Build relationships with audiences, partners and press.

Tour Manager

Coordinating logistics and finances for tours.

Marketing Director

Targeted brand messaging and online presence.

Festival Producer

Program and promote community arts festivals.

You Don’t Have to Only Pick one Position!

Quick to Apply & Easy to join

Our systems for qualifying and onboarding new “Crawlers” is quick and easy!

Documentary Media & Digital Design.

Video Editor

Project organization, editing reels, sound, color, motion graphics.

Graphic Designer

Promotional branding templates, icon sets, and comp design.


Visually creative storytelling for documentary shorts.

Web Designer

Theme styling, page design, and content management.

Photo Editor

Editing workflows, creative coloring and masking techniques.

Interested in more than one? Even Better!


Teaching and collaborating with students from various cities nationwide has led to a constant evolution of team systems and processes. By following the scientific method of trial > error > iteration we continue to build and improve team workflows and lesson plan modules.

Rooted in the value of empathy, we seek like-minded individuals invested in arts, culture, community, technology and business with a team-first mentality and interest in philanthropy. Top “Crawlers” whose leadership and/or production skills stand out are offered paid opportunities to lead new teams of Crawlers and creative projects. Harvesting leaders is how we plan on achieving our lofty goals of global growth and worldwide impact.


Sabrina Sanclemente

“The first thing I would say for those who are considering to join the team, I highly recommend doing so. There is not only a job for everyone, but the team itself is very strong, encouraging, and kind. The systems for learning and team collaboration are honestly the best I’ve ever see. Everything was easy to follow.”

Greg Shipkey

“This has been one of the most fulfilling opportunities I have ever experienced. To those considering applying, if you want to have actual work experience and feel like a true part of a fun and exciting team in the entertainment industry, then JCP will give you those opportunities. You will learn so much and grow as a creator!

More than Your average internship

Working with Jazz Crawl Productions can change your life in a number of different ways.

Kiara Mangum

“JCP has exposed me to a new world of music, dance, voice, and culture. I’ve learned the importance of preserving culture and how to ensure that it does not become lost or overshadowed throughout the editing process. You’ll gain a sense of empathy and understanding for music and culture of the world.”

Roxana Hernandez

“I’d tell anyone thinking about joining the team that it’s a super enjoyable experience. I’ve loved growing with Jazz Crawl! The workflows are always improving so I felt like I was learning and growing on my own, but also as a team. The collaboration systems have given me so much confidence in working remotely.”

Tina Huynh

“I absolutely love how organized JCP is with everything, ranging from detailed worksheets to the effective usage of Slack. I also appreciate the dedication to showcasing the beauty of New Orleans culture. It’s admirable to watch how JCP continues to build its relationship with numerous cultural artists and performers.”

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