‘Crawl Into Carnival’

Press Kit

  • Latest Press Releases – Our most recent news and announcements.
  • Media Credits – Attribution guide for our diverse range of media.
  • Stories & Info – Detailed stories, profiles, presentations, testimonials, and FAQs.

Hosted on Google Drive, this press kit is a resource hub that will help you paint a complete picture for media coverage that is both informed and engaging for your audience.

  • Optimized Logos – Various types and orientations available, including wordmarks and icons.
  • Promotional Artwork – Adverts optimized for both digital and print, in a wide range of sizes.
  • Specifications – Provided as .png for immediate use and .ai source files for adaptation.

The ‘Graphics’ folder of our press kit on Google Drive can “jazz up” your editorial and promotional support.

  • Full Frame – Minimally cropped photos allowing versatile adaptations.
  • Digital Optimized – 2160px resolution at 72dpi, ideal for digital platforms.
  • Print Optimized – 4320px resolution at 300dpi, perfect for high-quality printing.
  • Credits Guide – A comprehensive PDF guide for correctly crediting photographers.

The stunning beauty of Mardi Gras Indian and Second Line Sunday spectacles will bring the story’s spirit to life for your audience.

  • Ultra High Def – 16×9 (3840×2160), perfect for YouTube and broadcast media.
  • Social Media – 4×5 (1080×1350) and 9×16 (1080×1920) optimized for feeds and stories.
  • Spark Reels – 20-40s b-roll edits set to engaging music tracks.
  • Teaser Reels – 30-90s trailers combining narrative and music.
  • Artwork Reels – 10-60s promotional videos with dynamic motion graphics and titles.
  • Custom Requests – Option for custom edits or specific specs to fit your broadcast needs.

Enlighten your audience by sharing our exclusive videos that unveil the often hidden and protected world of Mardi Gras Indian and Second Line culture.

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