Our Mission is to celebrate and support the local arts and roots culture of New Orleans and worldwide companion cities

through digital productions and live events.


We pay artists to share their stories and collaborate with communities all over the world.

We feel strongly that cultural artists and groups should be compensated for telling their stories and sharing their gifts with the world. That’s why we established the Footwork & Feathers Fund, which raises the money we use to pay the subjects of all of our productions.

Our web shop promotes principles of Fair Use Photography and other practices to ensure and encourage proper artistic credits and compensation to both the creators and the subjects.

Our mission is inspired by the magic of the New Orleans second line and its tradition of community bonding and sparking joy even in times of tragedy. We believe in educating others about the complex and multicultural history of this tradition while spreading the joy it elicits.

In true second line fashion, our goal is to grow our mission and our team as we parade from city to city.

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Cultural Exchange & Education

One of our primary objectives is to celebrate the cultural heritage of New Orleans while simultaneously engaging community traditions in other cities through cultural exchange events such as our Jazz Crawl for Charity. As a digital media organization, we aim to document traditions, bridging them through the lens of shared cultural history by publishing the stories of cultural artists and groups in cities worldwide.

Building a Philanthropic Future

We hope to bring a humanitarian approach to everything we do at Jazz Crawl Productions, including how we build and train our team. We are invested in shaping a brighter future by providing exciting opportunities in cultural philanthropy to young people.

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Join us on our mission to celebrate and support local arts and roots culture.

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