Our mission is to celebrate and support the local arts and indigenous culture of New Orleans and worldwide companion cities

through live events and documentary media.

The idea was born out of the success of our debut event, a 2015 “Jazz Crawl for Charity” costume party and downtown parade in Charleston, South Carolina. For four years, the Jazz Crawl has supported local creativity, small businesses, cultural preservation, and youth engagement with arts and history. We have expanded to focus more on productions in New Orleans through in-house videography, photography and event production in partnership with cultural groups ranging from local brass bands, Mardi Gras Indians and Social Aid & Pleasure Clubs to museums, schools and nonprofit organizations.


Collaboration and community participation is the heartbeat of Jazz Crawl Productions.

Touring cultural exchange of parades, interactive shows, private parties, cooking demonstrations, private parties, royal coronation balls, costume parties and more.

Multimedia journalism alongside compelling photography, videography, and creative design and documentary films with featured directors, soundtracks, visual artists, and narrators.

Support for cultural artists and worthy organizations through fundraising campaigns, arts community infrastructure, and pro-bono media.

Museum exhibits, speakers and discussion panels, educational workshops, demonstrations, youth programming, and the Jazz Crawlers Academy.

Jazz Crawl Productions is a community-minded live event and digital media organization with a focus on projects showcasing and supporting local arts and culture. Inspired by the magic of New Orleans and the community-bonding tradition of the second line, our productions range from pop-up second line parades to photo and video journalism, Mardi Gras balls to museum exhibitions.